lenses 20 facts

  1. The range of a fisheye gives you a 180 view
  2. The first thing you should figure out is what you want to shoot sports, wildlife birds etc.
  3. Less expensive lenses generally have variable apertures.
  4. When buying a lenses there is a lot you need to consider.
  5. The most expensive usually have a good aperture.
  6. Not a lot of photographers use wide angle lenses.
  7. Wide angles give a wide expansive view.
  8. Wide angles should be used when prominent foreground objects are present
  9. One of the most things new photographers do is not being close enough, having no interest in the foreground.
  10. Wide angles have the potential to change your photography.
  11. Standard lenses tend to range from about 35mm up to around 85mm
  12. Prime lenses are lenses that are just one focal length
  13. To compress distance you use photo lenses
  14. This lenses can hep you when you need a picture of the sunset.
  15. A “fast” lens is usually one that has an aperture of f/4, f/2.8 or larger
  16. Using longer lenses can make it challenging to track movement
  17. There is a lenses for every purpose.
  18. A lenses is another tool for the camera
  19. The photographer is the one who makes everything happen
  20. Always stay positive.

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