self portrait


What is conceptual? The definition for conceptual is relating to or based on mental concepts. An example for is something that is a part of you or has a sentimental value to you. For example, my necklace is a concipient to me. The reason why is because my grandma gave it to me, and she is a big part of my life and I am attached to her more than anyone. Its also a conceptual because it says my name and my name is attached to me. Everyone has different conceptual things. They can be jewelry, animals, music Etc.. The reason I decided to take a picture of my necklace with the background of flowers is because the necklace was given to me by my grandma. She always gives me new jewelry but this one was more important because I don’t see her as much and that was the last necklace, she gave me since I have seen her. I choose the background as the flowers because she loves flowers and that is a conceptual of something she loves and is attached to. That is the reason why I choose this necklace as my self portrait picture and why its my conceptual.

this is the picture I choose by Cindy Sherman. the reason why I liked it is because its in black and white. it has a good angle to her and the back view. its not to close but not to far. the background makes the picture stand out a little more. Thats why I like this picture.

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